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Ken Lundin



If you are looking for great snack able content that is consistent, on brand and value added for your community this is the one guy I trust.

His name is Matthew Hunt.

Always helpful, knows business and is genuinely interested in your success.

Don't hesitate to talk to Demandii to put you LinkedIn content on auto-pilot.

They record it edit it, transcribe it, create text posts, posts with images and videos.

The real bonus: I spend less than 90 minutes a month for posts every day of the weekday.


Cameron Herold


COO Alliance

I only spend one hour a month on this, and they pull so much content together for me, and now they're actually creating that content into multiple channels.

It's just a massive leverage of my time and they do such good work that I just get to show up, riff off the top of my head, and they pull it all together.

The biggest opportunity for me, and actually quite frankly the biggest risk is I don't wanna tell too many people about this. It's kinda my secret weapon right now.

This is a huge opportunity for anybody who's running the kind of 10-person to 250-person company to really leverage one aspect of your marketing that your team doesn't have the time or the skill set to put together.


Lisa Reisman


Metal Miners

We sell into the hardest market to sell into, procurement.

And I wasn’t sure soft marketing, like personal branding on LinkedIn, would work in our world of hardcore manufacturing procurement.

Also, never in my multiple decades in this career have I ever thought that I really need to lead with empathy or the human side of what our target market's roles are.

It seems so obvious to me now, but I never would've done that if we hadn't met you.

And that has been a big aha for me.

I learned a lot from you in this process, including just how to structure workshops, presentations, and things like that.


Danielle McKinley



If you want to grow your business and develop a personal brand look no further.

Matthew is the best of the best. I’ve increased productivity, made connections faster, and gained more time by utilizing

Matthew’s 1 hour a month strategy. Matthew has mastered the art of selling and his overall business knowledge is impressive.

When you work with Demandii you gain so much more than branding.

I highly recommend working with Matthew and his team.


James Conrad



Matt and the team are top notch. They understand how to build relationships that lead to growth.

Most importantly for me is that they make it so EASY.

The Demandii team gets that time is short and he makes everyone step of the, process easy for me to execute.

In over 25 years I don’t think I’ve ever worked with an agency that is so easy to work with.


Kristina Coughlin


Get Hyped

Matthew knows his stuff. Not only is he super knowledgeable when it comes to Linkedin brand building, but with building multiple successful agencies himself – he’s always offering insightful value on what he’s learned over the years and pushing agency owners to the next level.

He’s a great guy, honest and transparent – what any client would look for in an agency partner.


Tim Kilroy

Agency Coach

Agency Growth Coaching

Holy Guacamole.

Matt & his team have LinkedIn content creation down to a science.

You are taken through a thorough onboarding process…then everything else is easy.

You show up on a Zoom call for an hour, and all of a sudden all this stuff is being produced. Video, images, polls, challenging questions…

The impact of working with Demandii is profound!


Tom Collver



What can I say about Matt!? He found us and from the first interaction to our first call to our first moment working together, he’s been a gift.

He is open, cheerful, helpful, and always looking to add to your life and give of himself and his ideas.

He has equally encouraged and challenged; supported and lead.

He has shown results in only 3 months and I would recommend him to anyone looking to grow their sales pipeline (and just better understand what matters to them).


Brittany Madden


Leverage Digital Design

If you want your business to grow, work with Matthew Hunt.

I’ve done many courses, coaches, and workshops, but none of that clarified my business objectives and grew my company faster than Matthew’s method.

If you want a systemized, fool-proof approach to growing a business you love running, then get connected with Matthew and get to work!